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 In 2024, there are more than a thousand freight trains between China and Europe (Central Asia)
2024-04-19   15

CCTV net news: on February 18, a column full of daily provisions, machinery accessories, textile fabrics and other goods of central trains from huoerguos railway port, to Poland, marks the huoerguos port 2024 central Europe (central Asia) trains 4 days earlier than 20231000 columns, up 6.9% from last year.

 In recent years, with the rapid development of import and export trade, Khorgos has vigorously implemented the “digital port” and “paperless customs clearance” system projects, railway fast access and other businesses, and continuously improved the efficiency of port traffic inspection, and the number of China-Europe (Central Asia) freight trains has increased steadily. Last year, the number of 7,762 inbound and outbound freight trains between China and Europe reached Horgos, an increase of 9.8 percent.

 Yang Jiayi, head of Horguosbo International Freight Agent Co., Ltd., introduced that in recent years, with the development of foreign trade, the China-Europe freight trains carry a wide range of goods, from building materials, agricultural machinery and tools, commercial vehicles, to clothing, shoes and hats, cosmetics, electronic parts. This year, the number of goods represented by our company has increased significantly. There are 65 freight trains and more than 100 kinds of goods, with a total weight of 1 million tons and a value of 4.5 billion US dollars.

 The Khorgos railway port will optimize the transportation organization and personnel allocation, and ensure the full axle operation of the train on the basis of the 24-hour uninterrupted echelon rotation operation, so as to realize the full load of freight trains as much as possible. The station gives full play to the advantages of centralized dispatching and command, arranges and allocates the interval transport capacity, reasonably arranges the operation of shunting machine, train disassembly and vehicle pickup and delivery matching, constantly improves the efficiency of loading and unloading vehicles, and reduces the stop time of the train station.

As an important port open by China to the west, since the first China-Europe freight train in 2016, it has opened more than 34,000 China-Europe (Central Asia), 80 routes and 45 cities in 18 countries. It has become a “golden channel” for international logistics and land transportation.

Source: CCTV network (the full text is cut)

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