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Freight scheme
2022-11-10   52
  • Timeliness: the timeliness of Andelong International Logistics means that the cargs are shipped to Russia at the time required by customers to meet the needs of the market and consumers.
  • Accuracy: the accuracy of Andelong International Logistics is to prevent product errors and accidents, and ensure that the products are delivered to consumers accurately during the entire transportation process. Commercial operations are characterized by a wide variety of commodities and different specifications. A commodity has to go through a number of steps from the delivery at domestic factories to the delivery to consumers. It is easy to make a mistake if there is any negligence. Not only the number of goods transported must be accurate, but also the specifications must not be wrong
  • Safety: the safety of Andelong International Logistics means ensuring the use value of goods during transportation. The use value of a commodity is to be able to meet the needs of consumers. If a commodity loses its use value due to improper transportation or handling, it becomes useless. The safety of commodities during transportation includes: first, pay attention to the effects of external forces such as vibration and impact during transportation and loading and unloading to prevent damage to commodities; Second, it is necessary to prevent the decrease and deterioration of commodities caused by natural reasons such as physical, chemical or biological changes. Especially for petroleum, dangerous chemicals, fresh, perishable goods, fragile liquid and other commodities, it is very important to strengthen safe transportation.
  • Economy: the economy of Andelong International Logistics is to transport goods in an economical and reasonable way to reduce transportation costs. The main method to reduce transportation costs is to carry out reasonable transportation, that is, choose economical and reasonable transportation routes and transportation methods, reduce transportation links as much as possible, shorten transportation mileage, and strive to spend the least cost to transport goods to the place of consumption. In addition, it is necessary to improve the utilization of transportation equipment and means of transport, strengthen the maintenance of transportation equipment and means of transport, and improve labor productivity, so as to obtain greater economic benefits.
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