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The implementation express real name system is questioned
2022-11-12   226

With the development of the express delivery industry, while express delivery brings convenience to our lives, it also brings hidden dangers. On the occasion of the 26th International Anti-Drug Day on June 26, Yunnan, Guangdong and other provinces announced that they intend to implement a express real name system this year to curb drug crimes, which sparked another discussion on the “express real name system”.

Due to the institutional loophole of express delivery “non-real name” , logistics and delivery industry are becoming an important channel for drug trafficking. Generally speaking, “unowned” drugs are carried in various cargos and handed over to consignment companies or consignment vehicles, as well as postal , express , logistics, etc. for “separation of people and goods” transportation. The “seller” receives the goods at the destination. In the event of an accident, the drug dealer will immediately escape to avoid legal sanctions.

In fact, the debate over the implementation of the “express real name system” has never stopped. As early as 2012, YTO Express took the lead in implementing the “real name system”, but why are there still voices of doubt today?

Consumer: worried about personal information disclosure under real name system

Some consumers are worried that the “express real name system” will cause personal information leakage, bringing inconvenience to their lives. Ms. Wang, who lived in Jinshui District, wanted to send something to a friend in Hubei by courier but the deliveryman asked her to write her ID number on the waybill. Ms. Wang was worried: “I can still accept the phone number and so on, but I also need to fill in the ID number. What if the information is leaked? It will become a tool for others to make money.” But the deliveryman told her that if she didn’t write it, the express mail would not be sent.

Courier: real name system affects work efficiency

A staff member of a Guangzhou express company introduced that, in fact, deliverymen are resistant to the “real-name system”. In the past, the deliveryman would simply ask the customer to fill out a courier slip to pick up the item to the door; After the real name system is implemented, the deliveryman is also responsible for checking customers’ identity information which has 18 digits, and even a single digit is not allowed to go wrong. Since the deliveryman is basically paid by the piece, “real name system” has affected the efficiency of express delivery. The original wages for deliveryman are quite low, so even if this stipulation is issued, the deliveryman tends to turn a blind eye when performing it.

The author believes that the implementation of the “express real name system” plays an important role in both drug control and protecting our personal safety. Although there are still some loopholes in this system, the advantages of the “express real name system” will become more and more prominent through continuous improvement. Just like when the train ticket real name system was proposed, it was opposed and questioned by many people, but today, the convenience and advantages brought by the implementation of the train ticket real name system are becoming more and more prominent. Therefore, the implementation of “express real name system” should not be abandoned because of difficulties, but the relevant functional departments should actively solve the problem.

From July 1st, the Measures for the Administration of the Express Delivery Market in Guangdong Province will be implemented. The Measures stipulate that enterprises operating express delivery business shall not disclose user information by means of transfer, sale, or other means; If any loss is caused to the user due to the disclosure of user information, compensation shall be made according to law; Where any loss is caused by an employee’s illegal disclosure of user information, the express delivery business enterprise shall make compensation in accordance with the law and hold the employee accountable.

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