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Rail freight
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Rail cargo transport is one of the main modes of modern transport and one of the two basic modes of transport that make up land-based cargo transport. Rail cargo transport is the transport of cargo by rail for the purpose of purposeful change or displacement of their space or place. That is, the railway, as the carrier, accepts the consignor’s commission and delivers the cargo from the place of origin to the consignee via the railway to the place of destination. According to the weight, volume and shape of a batch of cargo, it is classified into divided into full truckload cargo transport, less-than-truckload cargo transport and container cargo transport; according to the transport conditions, it is divided into cargo transport handled under ordinary conditions and transport handled under special conditions; according to the speed of transport, it is divided into cargo transport handled at the speed of ordinary cargo trains, express cargo trains and passenger trains. In addition, it handles international intermodal railway cargo transport, intermodal railway-waterway cargo transport, intermodal railway-road cargo transport and military railway transport.

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