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China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing: China is still the largest logistics market in the world
2024-04-19   23

 In 2023, China’s logistics industry will usher in recovery growth, and the total amount of social logistics is expected to reach 350 trillion yuan. China is still the largest logistics market in the world. The contribution of demand in key sectors, such as the upgrading of manufacturing, new forms of consumption, and the “new three types” of new energy, increased steadily, while segments such as e-commerce logistics and instant distribution maintained rapid growth.

 In this year, China’s leading enterprises with international competitiveness grew rapidly. For the first time, the top 50 logistics enterprises in China have more than 5100-billion-level scale enterprises, more than 9,600 national A-level logistics enterprises, and 250 national supply chain innovation and application demonstration enterprises.

 This year, the digital technology and the real economy have been deeply integrated, and the logistics and supply chain sectors have become the focus. There are about 3,000 online freight enterprises in China, enabling small, medium and micro logistics enterprises to embark on the “digital highway”. Large enterprises have built supply chain service platforms to embrace the industrial Internet of Things. Pilot access and road access of intelligent and connected vehicles were launched, and unmanned vehicles, unmanned warehouses and unmanned vehicles were widely commercialized, and the way of logistics operations was changed.

He Liming, president of the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, said that looking ahead to the New Year, the general trend of China’s stable economy and moderate growth of the logistics market has not changed. China’s logistics industry will still maintain strong resilience, the whole society of modern logistics has huge development potential, the logistics industry is in a period of sustained and steady growth and accelerated structural adjustment, the advantages of super-large market stimulate consumption potential, and the contribution of middle and high-end manufacturing demand will continue to increase. In the New Year, the pace of “going out” will be further accelerated. The connectivity of transportation and logistics infrastructure brings international logistics facilitation, and local production and global circulation have become a trend. While testing the resilience and safety of the international supply chain, it also brings new opportunities to ensure the supply and stabilize the logistics chain.

Source: CCTV network (the full text is cut)

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