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2022-11-10   156

The cargo tracking system of Andelong International Logistics improves the service level of logistics enterprises.
First, when the customer needs to query the status of the cargo, as long as the invoice number of the cargo is entered, the information about the status of the magnetic goods can be known immediately. The query operation is simple and fast, and the information is timely and accurate.
Second, through the cargo information, it can be confirmed whether the cargo will be delivered to the customer within the specified time, and the situation that the cargo are not delivered to the customer within the specified time can be found immediately, so as to find out the cause immediately and correct it in time, thus improving the accuracy and timeliness of the delivery of cargo and improving the level of customer service.
Third, as a means to gain competitive advantage, improve the efficiency of logistics transportation and provide differentiated logistics service.
Fourth, the cargo tracking system enriches the supply chain’s information-sharing source, and the sharing of the information on the status of the cargo helps the customer to prepare for the receipt and follow-up of the cargo in advance. Setting up a cargo tracking system requires a lot of investment, such as the purchase of equipment, standardization work and system running costs. Therefore, only powerful large-scale logistics and transportation companies can apply the cargo tracking system. However, with the low price of information products and communication costs and the popularization of the Internet, many small and medium-sized logistics and transportation companies have also begun to apply cargo tracking system. In the United States, where information technology is widespread, logistics and transportation companies set up their own web pages, and customers and logistics and transportation companies have also begun to set up their own web pages through Internet.

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